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Do you need funds for a new investment? Could you use additional funds for research and development? Or maybe you are planning to implement advanced analytical solutions in the field of Business Intelligence? Feel free to contact us!

Working with us is a pleasure: first you resent us with your idea, we work on it together, and then we consistently strive to achieve and maintain the results. Then all that remains is to reap the benefits.

Areas of operation

We specialize in obtaining financing for investment projects, both for companies and public institutions – local governments, universities, research, and development.

We offer a comprehensive service including assistance in determining possible sources of investment financing (repayable or non-repayable), preparation of documentation necessary to apply for support and finally servicing the entire project – until the final settlement of the granted co-funding.

In order to avoid possible errors and mistakes that may result in difficulties with project settlement, we support the investor at every stage.

Our domain is complex preparation of investment, research and development, projects, not only in the field of application, documentation, but first of all, proper preparation of the project in organizational, financial and legal terms.

In addition, we have extended our offer to include comprehensive consulting in planning, implementation and deployment of business intelligence solutions in the enterprise.

Creation of project documentation

Comprehensive consulting and preparation of complete documentation required when applying for support, running the project and corresponding with the intermediary institution in awarding funding.

Supervision of project implementation

We offer full assistance during project implementation. We make sure that the implementation proceeds in accordance with the rules of the competition, provisions of the grant contract, legal regulations, deadlines, assumptions and goals set by you.

Full settlement of project costs

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to support you in creating, completing and submitting financial settlements planned for the project. We create comprehensive statements and make necessary estimates.

Handling monitoring visits and audits

Cooperation with us guarantees you professional support both in the field of documentation and participation in inspections checking the correctness of financed projects during their implementation, as well as in the period of their durability.

Offer details

The most important thing in business is to remain flexible to the constant changes in the market. By this we mean the ability to constantly improve and adapt according to the current situation and needs. Markets, technologies and customer needs will constantly change and competitors will innovate their businesses, according to the following quote:

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only long-term advantage you have over them” – Arie de Gaus.

Continuous development, changes and optimization of processes in companies are connected with constant investments and consequently with searching for and securing funds fir development. We are aware of this need, regardless of whether we are talking about private entrepreneurs, public organizations or the research and development sector.

Our offer is based on comprehensive customer service at every stage of the design process, i.e.:

  1. We begin with a complimentary consultation to thoroughly understand your plan, needs and goals.
  2. On the basis of the conversation or during the conversation, we will present to you our offer and current funding opportunities that will be optimal for the assumptions presented. We will also present a suggested action plan.
  3. In the case of cooperation, we take over all duties related to the creation of documentation required to obtain support, which will allow you to focus solely on the implementation of the project and save valuable time. Additionally, thanks to many tears of practice, we know exactly how intermediary institutions work, which will speed up the process of issuing decisions.
  4. Our consulting is not limited to consulting and documentation. Comprehensive service also means care during implementation, partial and final settlements, creation of statements and care during the life cycle, after completion and achievement of project objectives.
  5. We are flexible and know that investments can last for years. Therefore, we are prepared for emergencies and changes in plans, which we will work with you to adjust to comply with the regulations of the rant program.