Need - innovation - automation

Would you like to accelerate processes in your company? Do you need a unified environment that facilitates work between departments in your company? Are you looking for a solution which will allow you to automate the process of analyzing the market, trends, dependencies and will allow to easily determine the demand for your products? Feel free to contact us!

Working with us is a pleasure: first you resent us with your idea, we work on it together, and then we consistently strive to achieve and maintain the results. Then all that remains is to reap the benefits.

Areas of operation

We implement automated and advanced IT processes that will support decision-making in your company. Business Intelligence solutions are characterized by high precision and flexibility of use, as well as simplicity of reading the results of detailed analyses within your key scope. Our offer is addressed in particular to companies from the SME sector which want to optimize organizational and/or analytical processes in their company.

In addition, our offer incudes comprehensive consulting in the development, supervision, management and operation of projects co-financed from various sources.

Analysis of individual customer needs

The first step in implementing major organizational change is to plan the activities to be performed. Based on the needs presented during the consultation, we select the most optimal tools, methods and scope of work to carry out the task.

Visualisation of final effects and benefits

If words alone do not convince you to invest in BI solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, we will prepare a clear visualization of the possibilities and benefits for you and we will explain it using the example of applying the solution in practice.

Ogranizational innovation implementation project

According to the pre-prepared plan, we assist you through the entire process of implementing organizational innovation. We offer complete consultancy in the field of methodology, benefits and requirements of the change – implementation of Business Intelligence systems in the company.

Post-implementation support for analytical processes

By entering into cooperation with us, you will be guaranteed to receive professional support even after the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for analytical processes and their adaptation to changing needs.

Offer details

Make sense out of data

Due to the increasing digitalization of organizational processes and the collection of hundreds of gigabytes of data, their analysis requires advanced IT systems, including machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. The Business Intelligence offer is therefore related to the implementation of a comprehensive IT solution to the company, focusing on the automation of data analysis to find trends and relationships that are not visible using standard methods.

“Today, the scale of data has outgrown the human ability to make sense of facts. At this scale, trends are too subtle and relationships between data are too complex to be observed simply by looking at collections. Data Mining is a tool that automates this process, allowing you to discover interpretable patterns and trends; it helps you see the forest without getting lost among the trees” - Alexander C. Furnas.

According to the quoted phrase, we decided to expand your consulting offer and start providing comprehensive services to support the implementation of a full-fledged Business Intelligence system in your company. We look for valuable information in data and through its analysis we create business knowledge.

We see data analytics in two dimensions: the business dimension and the technology dimension.

The business dimension is the organization of data and information in the enterprise, their proper integration, format, and their flow and distribution in order to ensure effective and efficient decision making. It is also a way of generating corporate knowledge – a tool for intelligent business support.

The technological dimension consists of techs and information technologies, which consist of the following layers:

  • data acquisition and integration,
  • data storage,
  • analytical data processing and mining,
  • data publishing.

We offer:

  • statistical analysis, simulations and optimizations,
  • descriptive and predictive modeling,
  • data mining (classic, network),
  • social network analysis.

We find trends and patterns that show up in the analysis of large data sets. On this basis, we create a synthesis of conclusions that enable strategic and operational decision to be made. We use statistical methods and techniques to:

  • detect correlations (previously unseen patterns);
  • detect anomalies (elements that differ from the pattern);
  • learn dependencies and associations (phenomena or behaviours);
  • detect clusters (sets of categories that reflect differences in the data);
  • classification (using identified patterns to systematize data);
  • regression and prediction (of phenomena or behaviors).

Below is an example of data visualization in the form of an interactive dashboard made in Python code using the Plotly Chart Studio library. The creation uses historical data downloaded from Yahoo Finance for a ticker showing the E-Mini S&P 500 index (the future value of U.S. stocks) and the Euro/U.S. dollar exchange rate index. The basis for the creation of the charts was the use of basic assumptions of technical analysis.